The first market opportunities for supplying dried seafood products began in 2015 with the requirement of high nutritious food from Chinese consumers. In such high demand, low level of moisture and high quality product are the aspects that we continue to develop.

Indonesia is known as one of the biggest maritime country in the world; this opportunity led us to process the marine resources to our potential consumer and business partner.




Dried seafood is a common ingredient in Chinese cooking and traditional tonics, and in Hongkong, this trade is clustered around a section of Des Voeux Road West in Sheung Wan, commonly know as Dried Seafood Street.


Seafood has been a staple in Singaporean diet for many years. The most recent Household Expenditures Survey, published by the Singapore Government, indicates that the average monthly expenditure by household in Singapore is SD 3.304 (USD 2.040).


Vancouver Chinatown tops the list as one of North America’s cleanest modern day Chinatowns. Universally appealing to visitors, artists and people of all nationalities, where one can sample world- renowned Chinese delicacies and savor the rich ethnicity of a culture that has surpassed generations.



Certification department or known by the ISP in Indonesia enhance the progress of better hygiene standard to seafood industry and consumers. The hygiene standard makes the product clean and safe for consumption. On the other hand, it cost more in overall process but seafood industry with the certification standard is going to be more sustainable in the future.

The process of raw sea cucumber until becoming dry is very carefully done, from the selection of water and salt it must be used high quality sources.
All of the materials are using metal and cleaned by using soap that not contains any chemicals. Labours are doing the hygiene standard, such as to wash their hand before processing the goods and storing finish goods inside hygiene room.

In early 2017, Mirafood has been cooperating with the LSP in Indonesia to enhance the sustainability program. We believe with the sustainability program we use, Mirafood products would be more credible and competitive in the markets.